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Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Ultralieve PRO


Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure MonitorMealshake Replacements

Your blood pressure level is determined in the circulatory centre of your brain. Your nervous system allows your body to adapt or alter blood pressure in response to different situations. Your body alters your pulse and the width of blood vessels through changes in muscles in the walls of blood vessels.

Your blood pressure reading is highest when your heart pumps or ejects blood. This stage is called your Systolic Blood Pressure. Your blood pressure is lowest when the heart rests. This is called your Diastolic Blood Pressure. It is critical to maintain blood pressure values within a normal range in order to prevent particular diseases.

High blood pressure is a preliminary stage of some of the most dangerous of illnesses, but it can be kept under good control. Measure your blood pressure regularly, so that you can have it treated medically at the right time.

Taking measurements is only worthwhile if the results are accurate. Incorrect results produce either carelessness or panic. You should therefore pay attention to quality when buying blood pressure monitors. Mealshake Replacements

The Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (BP 3AQ1) is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure measuring device with integrated PAD technology for use on the upper arm. This monitor enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your pulse by use of oscillometric method.

The device is easy to use and is proven in clinic studies to provide excellent accuracy. The large display makes it easy to visualise operational status and cuff pressure during a measurement.

The Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (BP 3AQ1) is available at all of our Pharmacies.

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Ultralieve PRO


Using therapeutic ultrasound, Ultrarelieve PRO is a new handheld devise to help ease pain and muscle injuries in the comfort of your own home.

Staying active doesn't necessarily mean you need to run 20km a day or play professional sport. It can be anything from social golf to walking with the girls or even as simple as being able to play with the kids or do the gardening. Studies have shown that staying active can help us to live longer, help avoid serious diseases and even more importantly it allows us to dictate the way we live our lives. Pain can often be a deterrent or an excuse to staying active but it needn't be.

Using therapeutic ultrasound, Ultralieve PRO is a handheld device for targeted pain relief where you need it most. You can now help to control your own pain management program for pain, inflammation and muscular injury. Best of all, it can be used in the comfort of your own home. Since the 1940's, therapeutic ultrasound has been a common modality among health professionals to help remedy injury and pain. Ultrasound allows the tissue to relax, increase the blood flow and break down scar tissue. So instead of masking pain, Ultralieve PRO may help to manage pain and assist the healing process.


Ultralieve PRO helps to increase the rate of soft tissue healing, ease pain as a result of injury, reduce sensitivity of trigger points and may help to reduce inflammation; thereby improving mobility. With easy one touch operation and ergonomic design, Ultralieve PRO will change the way you think about pain relief.

Use it to help:

Ultralieve PRO is available at all of our Pharmacies except for Healthpoint Chemist Lakeside.

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